Bloublommetjieskloof biodynamic farm.

Where spirit meets matter.


Bloublommetjieskloof Farm was first converted to organic and biodynamic in the late 60's by Jeanne Malherbe, a single woman, in a very conservative, male dominated farming environment, when even organic farming was considered new and strange. A true pioneer, Jeanne managed to bring about a strong awareness of healthy food and natural farming. The farm's produce (which quickly became quite famous and very sought after) was sold at the famous Rondebosch market in Cape Town. The farm has been farmed biodynamically since and is now certified biodynamic with Demeter International.


Bloublommetjieskloof has a small dairy herd that graze on mixed pastures (grasses and herbs) and planted grains like oats and wheat. The cows provide a good manure for the biodynamic compost as well as fresh milk for the dairy where cheese, butter, and yoghurt is made. The farm orchards provide fresh fruit which is sold directly or converted to jams and compotes. Culinary herbs and some vegetables are cultivated and sold directly. In addition the herbs are used as base and active ingredients in the Bloublommetjieskloof Household Cleaning and Body Care products. The Biodynamic Preparations, also produced on the farm, are distributed via the Biodynamic Association of South Africa. The social aspect, a crucial part of biodynamic farming include the hosting of school groups, conferences and workshops.


Biodynamic Farming is an initiative arising out of Anthroposophy, as defined by Rudolf Steiner, the initiator of the movement. Because Biodynamic Farming requires a conscious working with the spritual world, natural farming is a pre-requisite and Demeter certification therefore accepts only 100% natural and organic inputs. Central to biodynamic farming is the use of the special Biodynamic Preparations, made from various herbs and cow manure. These preparations are inserted into compost heaps or diluted and sprayed over crops and pastures. The preparations serve to enlive the soil. This in turn imparts a quality to the produce which once again enables us (who have through materialism, been cut off from the spiritual world) to reconnect with the divine, in a fully conscious way. This is the inspiration behind Bloublommetjieskloof farm.

A path of knowledge leading the Spirit in Man to the Spirit in the Universe.