Bloublommetjieskloof biodynamic farm.

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Bloublommetjieskloof dairy produce

Bloublommetjieskloof dairy products are Demeter certified. Demeter is the trademark of products from certified biodynamic production. All our dairy products are made with raw milk (unpasteurised and not homogenised).

Butter (approx. 200g)

Butter (approx. 200g) | ZAR R25

Real farm butter made from fresh unpasteurised cream. Salted with natural rock salt.

Demeter certified product

Very limited supply

Ingredients - fresh cream, rock salt

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese | ZAR R28/R45

Fresh unpasteurised milk is warmed and allowed to sour naturally, with the addition of a little buttermilk as culture.  The curds are seperated off and salted with natural rock salt. A chunky style cottage cheese. 

Demeter certified

Available in 200g and 500g in glass jars. 

Ingredients - raw milk, buttermilk, rock salt

Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese | ZAR R55/R100

Feta cheese is made using  live yoghurt as culture and plant rennet - the finished product is stored in rock salt solution (brine).

Demeter certified product

Available in 120g and 500g glass jars. 

Ingredients - raw milk, yoghurt, rock salt.

Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream

Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream | ZAR R65

A delicious fruit flavoured ice cream made with fresh cream, yoghurt and fruit extracts. 

Demeter certified

Available in 1 litre tubs

Flavours seasonal - apricot, quince, pomegranate, blackberry etc

Ingredients - fresh cream, yoghurt, fruit, sugar


Labneh | ZAR R40

A soft yoghurt cheese rolled in roasted sesame seeds and stored in organic olive oil.

Demeter certified product

Available in 100g in glass jars

Ingredients - raw milk, yoghurt, rock salt, sesame seeds, olive oil.


Yoghurt | ZAR R40

A thick yoghurt made from full cream raw milk using live yoghurt culture. No thickeners are added.

Available in 1 litre glass jar

Ingredients - raw milk

Peasants Cheese

Peasants Cheese | ZAR R25

Peasants cheese is made using fresh-from-the-cow raw milk to which buttermilk is added as culture and a thistle flower extract for curdling. Peasants cheese is a young un-matured cheese. The outer rind of the cheese should be cut away before eating.

Demeter certified

Available in 100g wedges

Ingredients - milk, salt, buttermilk